When Is Dental Bonding Recommended for School-Age Kids’ Restorations?

Dental Bonding Escondido, CA

Dental bonding may be appropriate for school-aged children who have damaged their front teeth. It can treat a range of concerns, including but not limited to teeth chips, cracks, and worn-down enamel. Understanding what dental bonding is and when it might and might not be recommended for children is important for parents. 

Dental bonding for school-aged kids' restorations

The following review discusses how dental bonding can help children restore the health and appearance of their smile after teeth damage occurs due to poor oral hygiene, dental trauma, etc. This should help parents determine whether they should schedule a visit with a dentist to discuss dental bonding treatment for their child. 

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a common restorative dentistry procedure in which a tooth-colored composite resin material is strategically applied to damaged teeth and bonded with a special curing light. The procedure is minimally invasive and only takes one short dental visit. 

Is dental bonding safe for school-aged children?

Dental bonding is a safe procedure due to how minimally invasive it is and the materials that are used to complete the procedure. Of course, as is the case with almost all dental procedures, there are risks involved, although they are minimal. Generally, complications are easy to resolve in the rare instances that they occur. In fact, the risks of not treating damaged teeth are generally far greater than the risks associated with the dental bonding procedure. 

What are the alternative solutions to dental bonding for children?

There may be suitable alternatives to dental bonding for children depending on the specific concerns that are being treated. For example, a dental filling may be a better solution for certain teeth cavities. Dental crowns may be more ideal for severely damaged teeth. However, dental bonding is often the most highly recommended solution for children compared to certain alternative solutions, such as dental veneers. 

When might a dentist recommend dental bonding for school-age kids?

Dental bonding can be used to treat a range of concerns, including but not limited to teeth chips, cracked teeth, and small dental cavities. Although it is rarer for dentists to recommend dental bonding for children to achieve cosmetic benefits, it may be an option to address short teeth, teeth gaps, and teeth stains. 

How children can take care of teeth after dental bonding

Dentists can help children maintain an ideal smile and good oral health through regular check-up visits, in addition to educating them on good oral hygiene practices at home and how food and drink choices can affect oral health. 

Discuss dental bonding treatment with our friendly dental team

You can find out the best way to restore your child’s smile after teeth damage occurs by scheduling a consultation visit with a licensed dentist who offers restorative dentistry for children. We are glad to answer your questions and schedule a visit at the most convenient time for you and your child.

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