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Prosthodontics Escondido, CA

You may not think much about prosthodontics until you need treatment for serious issues. It can be difficult to live with missing or damaged teeth. You may feel embarrassed about the way you look. This could cause you to avoid being around other people. You may also have health problems as a result. The good news for you is that solutions are available with the help of your dentist.

An understanding of prosthodontics

Dental care comes in many forms, as dentists can focus on all types of oral health needs. Prosthodontic dentistry is concerned about repairing severely damaged teeth and missing teeth. Dentists in this area of practice diagnose and treat patients who have lost teeth and who have suffered fractures, cracks, and chips in their teeth.

These dentists can fabricate restoration devices and properly fit patients with them. The dentist will treat the patient accordingly and provide follow-up care. In this type of dentistry, the goal is to restore the patient’s smile. Helping the patient have the full function of their mouth is vital too.


Dentists in prosthodontics have long turned to dental crowns to improve smiles. A crown is a small tooth-like cap that fits over an affected tooth. It can come in a variety of materials. The most common and popular today are made of ceramic, porcelain, and composite resin. These are tooth-colored, making them aesthetically pleasing.

To place a crown, the dentist will first make impressions of the tooth. The dentist will also reshape the tooth so that the crown fits comfortably and properly. It bonds to the tooth with dental cement, which the dentist will harden with light. The crown will make the tooth look whole and improve its ability to bite.


For missing teeth, prosthodontics dentists play a key role. One of the most effective devices to replace teeth is dental implants. Made of titanium, implants are strong and durable. The screw-like posts fuse with the jawbone to act as roots for the crown, which acts as the artificial tooth. A smaller piece, called an abutment, connects the two. It does require at least two surgeries to complete the process.

With dental implants, the person can once again eat most foods without being in pain and without difficulty. The implants provide a new smile, free of blemishes. Implants can last for up to 20 years or more. The patient should make sure to brush and floss them.


For minor fractures and for cracks and chips, veneers are a good prosthodontics option. A veneer is a thin shell that bonds to the front of a damaged tooth. With it, the patient can regain the proper size, color, and shape of the tooth. Veneers can break, so the patient should be cautious about biting into hard objects.

You can have the teeth and smile you have always wanted

No matter how badly damaged your teeth are, you can get the right treatment. Even if you have lost teeth, prosthodontics work can restore your smile and the function of your mouth. Crowns, veneers, or implants are good options that the dentist can recommend. Visit the dentist today to start on the road to improved health and a nice smile.

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