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A modern technology that many dentists use now is laser dentistry. This type of dentistry involves using bright, concentrated beams of light. It can be used to cut away part of the patient’s tooth or gum tissue when the dentist is performing various dental procedures. Because it is not as invasive as other techniques, you will recover faster from this. Read on to learn more about this new technique and other ways that it can benefit you.

Hard tissue lasers

A hard tissue laser is used to eliminate parts of the patient’s treatment process, especially those that cause the patient to be anxious. Hard tissue lasers are quiet and gentle. This type of laser is used for the hard tissues of the mouth, especially the tooth.

A hard tissue laser works because the tooth contains water. When the energy from the laser is focused on the tooth, the molecules of water begin to vibrate. This can help trim away parts of the tooth’s structure — ideal for patients who are getting crowns or dental veneers.

The dentist may also use a stream of water along with the laser. This will help keep the tooth cool so the patient will not feel almost anything at all. The laser is also quieter than a dental drill would be.

Soft tissue lasers

Soft tissue lasers are used on the soft tissues of the mouth, mainly the gums. There are several things that soft tissue lasers can be used for, including:

  • Treating gum disease
  • Removing bumps from gums
  • Reshaping gums to improve appearance
  • Treating cold sores

Low-level lasers

This type of laser can be used to stimulate growth in the body’s tissues. The energy from the light from this type of lasers encourages the body’s cells to release energy. The body can use this cellular energy to restore the function of other cells in the body.

Benefits of lasers

A laser offers precision that other dental tools cannot. For example, a hard laser can easily remove parts of the tooth so a cavity can be filled. Because lasers are less invasive than more traditional methods, the patient will recover faster and experience less pain. Lasers will also remove less of the tooth’s structure, allowing the tooth to remain as strong as possible.

Another benefit of laser dentistry is that it quickly promotes healing in the gums. The laser stimulates the gums so that they will heal faster than with more traditional methods. The patient also will not have to have general anesthesia, which means that the patient can heal faster from this type of dentistry.

Visit a laser dentistry office today

No matter what type of dental treatment you need, laser dentistry can offer you benefits. Hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers can be used for reshaping teeth or gums before other dental treatments. Lasers promote healing and reduce recovery times. Visit a laser dentistry office to get started with this type of dental procedure.

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