3 Benefits of Dental Veneers Versus Crowns

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When looking for a way to correct teeth imperfections and improve your smile, you can opt for dental veneers or crowns. Both options are popular and can help achieve remarkable results. However, there are key differences between them, so it is advisable to choose the right option for your condition. This article highlights some of the benefits of dental veneers over crowns.

Overview of dental veneers and crown

Both crowns and dental veneers serve restorative and cosmetic purposes. They function by covering an existing tooth to enhance its appearance or function. The major difference between a dental veneer and crown is how much of the original tooth structure is removed, the thickness of the restoration material and the area of tooth coverage. Both options are highly effective for improving the cosmetic appearance of the teeth.

A dental veneer is usually fabricated as a thin sheet of porcelain and bonded to the front side of a tooth. The porcelain is customized to the teeth’s color. A crown, on the other hand, encases the tooth completely and can be made from metal, porcelain or a mix of both. The thickness is usually twice that of dental veneers.

Benefits of dental veneers

The following are some of the advantages of choosing veneers:

Conservative treatment: Dental veneers are generally regarded as more conservative than dental crowns. In the preparation process, less portion of the tooth needs to be removed to place the veneer. The dentist will only file down a thin layer of enamel from the front and sides of the tooth and will not need to touch the back or its core.

Crowns demand that the dentist trims off between 60 to 75 percent of the tooth’s structure before it can be placed. This translates to two to four times as much tooth reduction compared to veneers. For tooth restorations, the goal is always to preserve as much of the original tooth structure as possible.

Perfect for minor and aesthetic issues: Dental veneers are the better choice when the dental issues to be resolved are relatively minor and mostly cosmetic. It would work better for badly-stained teeth, chipped teeth, small gaps between teeth, minor tooth fracture and superficial dental misalignment. In each of these cases, dental veneers can remarkably enhance the color and outlook of the teeth, providing an improved and appealing smile.

Simpler process: Since veneers require removing less of the tooth structure, it is less invasive and may not require a local anesthetic. The veneer placement process is far less complicated and relatively faster compared to fitting a crown. The crown goes over the entire tooth, so the fitting process can be a little tricky.

Point to consider

Except in special circumstances, after a dental veneer has been bonded to a tooth, it will always need to be covered. They are just as long-lasting as dental crown and should therefore not be chosen because they are either reversible or temporary.

In conclusion

When worried about the appearance of your teeth, talk to the dentist about getting dental veneers.

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